How do I claim my NFT?

Claim your NFT in 5 Steps!

    1. Create a free crypto wallet
      A crypto wallet will allow you to store your NFT. Choose from any option below.
      1. Metamask: iOS, Android, Desktop
      2. Coinbase Wallet: iOS, Android, Desktop
      3. Trust Wallet: iOS, Android

    2. Locate your ethereum address
      Once you create a crypto wallet you will be given an ethereum address. You will need this address for the next step. As an example of how an ethereum address looks like, here is ours: 

    3. Complete the form below
      Enter your information and ethereum address into this form. Make sure to copy and paste your correct ethereum address to receive NFT.

  1. 4. Wait...
    Once we receive your form submission, we will start the process to transfer the NFT to your wallet

    5. Create account on is a marketplace for you to buy, sell, trade ANTI NFT's and more. Connect your wallet to so you can sell or trade your NFT.

A. When you arrive to, head to the top profile icon, select "My Wallet". 

You will have the choice to connect whichever service you create a wallet with. Choose your wallet and finish to the connection screen. When you see "Connecting..." OpenSea to your wallet, you're almost done.



B. Your account will default to "Unnamed", showing only your wallet address below. To personalize your account, select the gear icon on the right side of the screen. You will receive an extra security prompt, select "Sign" and you can begin updating your profile.

Now you can customize your profile, including: username, bio, and email address. Your profile photo and cover banner can be customized on your account as well. 

Now you're all set! If you ever have trouble viewing your items, make sure your wallet is connected correctly. OpenSea is a window into your wallet, showing all your NFTs inside. When you finish creating your account, you can then buy, sell, create, and trade NFTs with others.